Teeth Whitening in Sugar Land, TX

Many of the foods that people eat or the drinks they have can stain their teeth, making them look dingy. While brushing twice a day can keep your teeth clean, it doesn’t eliminate all food and drink stains. To make your teeth look brighter and whiter, our cosmetic dentist at Star Plus Dental use teeth whitening in Sugar Land, TX, to give you a bright smile again.

Is Professional Whitening Better than Commercial Whitening Products?

When you go to our cosmetic dentist near you for teeth whitening in Sugar Land, TX, they will use a whitening system called ZOOM®. Unlike commercial products like whitening toothpaste, mouth rinses, or strips, it only takes one visit to whiten your teeth with this system.

For years, we have been offering tooth whitening in Sugar Land, TX, for residents in Richmond, Woodbridge, Village of Oak Lake, Sugar Grove, Kingsbridge, Cullinan Park, Old Orchard, Woodbridge Estate, Glen Laurel, Chelsea Harbour and Sugar Mill, Aliana, Summerfield, Pheasant Creek, Park Pointe Commons, and Woodbridge, Mission Glen, Mission Sierra and Imperial Woods.

With these products, it takes several weeks and multiple uses of them to begin to show progress at brightening your teeth. Also, some of these products, like toothpaste, have abrasives in them that can damage the enamel and let bacteria find a nesting place for decay.

A professional whitening system uses a higher concentration of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide to get teeth whiter instead of abrasives, so they won’t cause damage to your teeth.

The concentration levels of professional whitening systems are approximately 25 percent, but the highest concentration of commercial products is around five to eight percent.

This difference helps whiten teeth faster and for longer when you have our cosmetic dentist near you at Star Plus Dental whiten your teeth.

Caring for Teeth After Whitening

To prolong the amount of time that whitening lasts, there are several steps that you can take, including watching what you eat and drink.

Avoid Tomato Sauces

Foods containing tomato-based sauces stain teeth more easily than other types of sauces because of the acidity of tomatoes. Acidic foods can lightly etch enamel, causing liquids to embed themselves in your teeth. When they accumulate, they make your teeth look dull and dingy.

Cut Down on Coffee

Although you may need your morning coffee to wake up, you should cut back on it to avoid staining your teeth. Coffee is well-known for its ability to dye or stain materials, which includes enamel. Fortunately, our cosmetic dentist near you can get coffee stains out of teeth with teeth whitening in Sugar Land, TX.

You should also reduce your consumption of black teas and dark colas as well to keep your smile bright and white. Call us now to book an appointment with our Sugar Land dentist near you and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of teeth whitening.

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