Preventive Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), people are supposed to brush and floss their teeth twice a day. This type of maintenance is known as preventive care and is essential for maintaining optimal oral health and wellness. At Star Plus Dental, we supplement home care by offering professional treatment known as preventive dentistry in Sugar Land, TX, to keep teeth healthy and strong.

What It Is

Preventive dentistry is dental care that is designed to prevent future oral health problems from developing by keeping the teeth and gums clean and free of plaque. Plaque is a sticky substance left behind by food and beverages. Over time, this film of bacteria eats through the enamel of the teeth and can cause issues like gum disease, cavities, dental infections, and even permanent tooth loss.

Through preventive dentistry, our sugar land dentist near you, can eliminate plaque and help you avoid serious dental conditions that could cost thousands of dollars and result in an unhealthy mouth. The simplest form of this dentistry is regular dental exams and professional cleaning.

Procedures Available

When you schedule an appointment with us at Star Plus Dental for preventive treatment, we begin with a thorough cleaning. Our sugar land dentist uses specialized tools to remove plaque from the teeth and gums. They can then treat any lingering infections and provide treatment designed to prevent problems like cavities. Some examples of preventive treatment include:

Our knowledgeable staff also offers education on the proper way to brush and floss the teeth to remove plaque and food particles.

Who Needs It?

Everyone needs preventive care to keep their smile healthy and strong. We recommend our patients brush and floss their teeth twice a day at home and schedule two appointments a year to get regular exams and cleanings. Individuals who struggle to remain optimal oral health should consider incorporating mouthwash into their routine.

How to Receive Preventive Care

If you live in the surrounding areas of Richmond, Woodbridge, Village of Oak Lake, Sugar Grove, Kingsbridge, Cullinan Park, Old Orchard, Woodbridge Estate, Glen Laurel and Chelsea Harbour, Sugar Mill, Aliana, Summerfield, Pheasant Creek, Park Pointe Commons, Woodbridge, Mission Glen, Mission Sierra and Imperial Woods and need a preventive care dentist near you, contact us at Star Plus Dental today. We are currently accepting new patients and can spend your first appointment examining and cleaning your teeth to prevent future problems.

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