Partials and Dentures in Sugar Land, TX

Do you have several missing teeth and are you looking for a solution to help restore the function and appearance of your smile? If you answered “yes,” you’ll be happy to read that the team at Star Plus Dental has the experience, technology, and skill to provide partials and dentures in Sugarland, TX, as an option in tooth replacement.

One of our over-arching goals is to help our patients preserve their natural teeth for a lifetime, but it’s not uncommon to require partial dentures along their journey. Dr. Biyani specializes in restorative and implant dentistry and provides seniors, or any other demographic, with several tooth replacement options, including partial and dentures in Sugar Land, TX.

Benefits of Partial & Dentures

The number one benefit of partial and dentures over dental implants is the convenience. Instead of having to undergo months of treatment time required for dental implants as a tooth replacement, partial dentures from our Sugar Land dentist near you can be completed in a matter of weeks. Although partial dentures are ideal for patients of all ages, senior patients especially love the efficacy and convenience of this treatment versus the cost and time associated with dental implants.

As with the advantages of full dentures from our dentist near you, partial and dentures in Sugar Land, TX, offer patients of all ages, including seniors, the following benefits:

  • They restore the shape and appearance of your facial structure
  • They improve your eating ability and restore your enjoyment of food
  • They reduce your risk of jaw-related concerns such as bone loss or TMJ
  • They improve your ability to speak clearly and with confidence

There are other tooth replacement options that we can provide at Star Plus Dental, including dental implants and dental bridges. Still, dentures continue to remain a top choice for patients, especially senior patients, who want to benefit from the cost savings associated with this treatment protocol. Our dental practice works with numerous insurance carriers and offers a variety of payment options.

Have you been living with missing teeth or know that your smile would benefit from having your remaining teeth extracted and replaced? If so, you can rest assured that the dentists and team at Star Plus Dental have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a healthy and vibrant smile with dentures near you.

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