Maxillofacial Surgery in Sugarland, TX

At your routine check-up, our Sugar Land dentist near you, will perform a thorough dental exam. Your teeth, mouth, jaw, soft tissues, and face will all be examined. If anything abnormal is detected at this time, you might need maxillofacial surgery in Sugar Land, TX. Well, the good news is, we are a one-stop-shop! Star Plus Dental is a full-service dental office that offers comprehensive oral care.

Maxillofacial Surgeon Near Me

A maxillofacial surgeon focuses on correcting problems with both the hard and soft tissues of the jaws, mouth, and face. In some cases, surgery is performed to improve aesthetic appearance. For others, intervention is needed to restore or maintain overall health.

Unlike a general dentist, maxillofacial surgeons have completed advanced training. Additional studies include the reconstruction of the human jaw or face. They also must understand the complex nature of nerves that run through the face.

Main Surgeries Performed at Star Plus Dental

Star Plus Dental professionals remain up-to-date with the latest advanced technologies and surgical techniques. So, you can rest assured, you are always in good hands with our dedicated team.

For years, we have been performing maxillofacial surgeries on our patients in Richmond, Woodbridge, Village of Oak Lake, Sugar Grove, Kingsbridge, Cullinan Park, Old Orchard, Woodbridge Estate, Glen Laurel, and Chelsea Harbour, Sugar Mill, Aliana, Summerfield, Pheasant Creek, Park Pointe Commons, Woodbridge, Mission Glen, Mission Sierra, and  Imperial Woods.

With that said, the common maxillofacial surgeries performed at our Sugarland, TX dental clinic, include:

Orthognathic Surgery — Used to fix damage or abnormalities in the jaw and face. Also, to correct under and overbites.

Distraction Pathogenesis — This procedure involves stimulating new bone formation through osteotomy. An osteotomy is any surgery performed to lengthen, shorten, or change the alignment of a bone.

Bone Grafting — A regenerative procedure, bone grafting, helps restore lost bone. For those with advanced stages of periodontal disease, or have too much deterioration to place dental implants, a bone graft might be necessary.

Nerve Repositioning — Some dental implant patients may need to have nerves moved to make space in the lower jaw for the implant post.

Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery — These surgical procedures seek to repair the deformities of a split-mouth or lip. These abnormal conditions occur during fetal formation.

Sinus Lift — This procedure is also used for patients who will be undergoing dental implant treatment. More bone is added to the upper jaw adding room between the sinus cavity and implant.

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