Fluoride Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

Fluoride has been used for many years to help fight cavities. It is a naturally-occurring mineral that is found worldwide. Decay and cavities begin to form on teeth when sugars and mouth bacteria form acids. This caustic substance breaks down the protective enamel. These acids also cause mineral loss. Left untreated, demineralization on teeth can lead to the formation of holes (cavities).

What’s great about fluoride is that it strengthens teeth. It bonds to weakened enamel and helps restore and protect. Even more, the mineral interferes with acid production. As a result, it disrupts the process that results in decay.

Who Benefits Most from Fluoride Use?

Patients of all ages can benefit from fluoride treatment in Sugar Land, TX. Kids who get a sufficient amount of the mineral while their teeth are developing will produce stronger and more decay-resistant adult teeth. Grown-ups with cavity-prone teeth can also achieve great results from professional fluoride applications.

Keep in mind, fluoride can stop and reverse early decay, but it can’t heal a fully-formed cavity. Therefore, it is an effective and affordable way to maintain and safeguard oral health. Fluoride use can help you avoid costly dental work later on.

Fluoridated Water and OTC Products

Fluoride is recognized as being very beneficial mineral. For that reason, low concentrations are added to many municipal water supplies. It is also an active ingredient in toothpaste and mouth rinses. Even still, children and cavity-prone adults can get extra protection from professional fluoride treatments. At our dental clinic in Sugar Land, TX, we apply a higher concentration of the mineral than is present in OTC products or tap water. This therapeutic dose of fluoride is only available from our Sugar Land, TX dentist near you.

Star Plus Dental in Sugar Land, TX

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At Star Plus Dental, we use the finest materials and the latest technology. This is how we deliver fluoride treatments in Sugar Land, TX, that are fast and effective. At this appointment, our sugar land dentist near you, will provide after-care instructions. While fluoride will help strengthen enamel and reverse early decay, it is not a miracle cure. You still must practice good oral hygiene habits, eat healthy foods, and visit Star Plus Dental on a routine schedule. To schedule an appointment, call us today!

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