Dental Bridges in Sugar Land, TX

You may be surprised to learn that dental enamel (the whitish, outer covering of teeth) is known to harder than human bones.

However, over time, when the enamel is exposed to bacteria, it can wear down and disappear due to the acids released by bacteria. When this happens, the tooth can actually ‘disappear’ and leave behind an empty space.

Similarly, Star Plus Dental suggests that periodontal or gum disease can also cause teeth to go missing.

Problems Caused Due To Missing Teeth

Missing teeth not only affect aesthetics but can cause many more problems that we may be unaware of:

  • Gaps in your dental arch can cause adjoining teeth to shift from their original positions and lean towards the space in an attempt to close the gap.
  • Depending on the location and function, a missing tooth can create an imbalance in your bite that results in unequal distribution force. This may cause unnecessary strain on other teeth and cause them to wear down quickly.
  • Missing teeth can eventually impact facial structure and cause sagging of your upper or jaw.
  • Having gaps between your teeth also affects your ability to speak and chew food. You may speak with a slight lisp, or your words may sound indistinct.

How Bridges Can Help Patients Suffering from Teeth Loss

A dental bridge usually consists of two or more crowns (called pontics) that fit securely onto anchoring teeth or implants. These anchoring teeth are called abutments.

If you don’t have natural teeth to anchor the bridge, our Sugar Land dentist recommends getting implants to support the bridge. Since implants are made of titanium, they are not prone to decay and are reliable supports for the dental bridges.

Dental bridges in Sugar Land, TX offer multiple benefits:

  • They close the gap between your teeth and help you chew and speak properly
  • They help balance bite force
  • They restore facial structure and prevent shifting of teeth

Our cosmetic dentist recommends that a dental bridge may prove to be an affordable, reliable restoration to fill gaps in your teeth. Schedule a consultation with our tooth bridge dentist near you and learn more about dental bridges in Sugar Land, TX.

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